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With all the engagement excitement I almost forgot to share my memoirs on my trip to wonderful Mayakoba. First of all, let me give you a bit of background information on the resort. Mayakoba is a high-end luxurious and unique resort near Playa del Carmen in Cancun, Mexico. The resort is built to compliment the surrounding environment rather than take its place and it is situated in the middle of the jungle. The Mayakoba property has four hotels: Rosewood Mayakoba, Andaz Mayakoba, Fairmont Mayakoba, and Banyan Tree Mayakoba. Each hotel has characteristics that give them individuality: Rosewood a more upscale experience, Andaz being the hip and trendy “sister” hotel, Fairmont the family oriented hotel, and Banyan Tree the ultimate zen oasis. All the hotels have their individuality, but in a sense create a friendly competition within the four. The integration of the four hotels in Mayakoba, give an experience like no other to the guests because they have availability to all the amenities provided by the four hotels.

I stayed at the Andaz Mayakoba, with a beach view.I should mention that all of the hotels have either a view to the beach or to the lagoon. There are little boats that navigate through the lagoon and you can go to any destination on the Mayakoba property. Mayakoba had a full itinerary planned for me. I arrived, jet-lagged, tired, but ready to work. Little did I know it was more of a leisure trip than work trip. The Andaz staff was so welcoming!


Upon arrival at the lobby, I realized the rooms were spread out. The arrival to the room was on a golf cart ride in the middle of the vegetation at the hotel. I honestly cannot explain how beautiful it was. The greenery surrounded the resort everywhere! I mentioned before that the staff was very welcoming, but I do not know how to explain their knowledge on the resort. Every golf-cart ride was a new lesson on either the hotel, the habitat, the animals of Mayakoba, the amenities, everything!

My room was next to one of the Mayakoba beach clubs and that is where I did my Frida Khalo experience. Frida Khalo as most of you know is a Mexican icon, and what they offer at the hotel is her wardrobe styled in your ways. Pictures are taken to record the experience and sent to the hotel guests. Here is a picture from the Frida Khalo experience at Mayakoba taken by Del Sol photography.


All of the restaurants on the Mayakoba property are de-li-cious and with spectacular views. The environment gives off a tranquil and liberating feeling whether it is nature or the beach in the background. Each restaurant has different vibe and seasoning. If you are in the mood for sushi, the restaurant Agave Azul at the Rosewood is a must. Looking to share with your guests ? Sands is perfect to order many different plates because their selection is to die for. In the mood for oriental? Banyan Tree’s Sutton is perfect. I, however, love a good breakfast to start off the day. The Cocina Milagro at the Andaz had the most delicious breakfast buffet! It was perfect for my much needed boost in the mornings. 

The pool, the beach, the people, and the all around experience was like none I have ever experienced. I enjoyed it so much and it was the perfect getaway after a busy week in New York. Even though I still was working, I felt like I was on vacation. I think that is the whole intention of the hotel, though. They want you to have a easy and relaxing experience. I did not have much time to experience it all, but there is also a golf course which hosts the PGA also. It was honestly a trip like no other. Cancun, Mexico offers one of the best beaches in the world!

If you have the opportunity to travel down to Cancun and #VisitMexico, I encourage you to visit Mayakoba. My stay was one for the books and I can assure you yours will be to!

xx Gina

This week was one of the most hectic weeks I have had in awhile. After arriving in NY, going to non-stop meetings, I arrived at the Hotel Belleclaire. This lovely hotel is located on the upper west side of New York, and its is enchanting. Their lobby is the coziest, perfect for coming and winding down after a fully scheduled day. I usually came in all bundled up because I am not used to the New York weather, but the arrangement of the hotel literally made me feel warm and at home.I arrived the first day, and I came to find lots of goodies provided by them. I think most of you followed on my IG stories, but I’ll give you a small recap on the essentials provided by the hotel: a selfie stick, passport holder, notebook, tote bag with the most darling drawing on it with the hotel hashtags #TriumphHotels & #HotelBelleclaire , and macaroons ! I think you all know already that I love a good macaroon, the best part was they had them in the lobby also!




I saw most of  you followed along on my SnapChat, but I’ll mention that the room was spacious and had great lighting to take pictures. In fact, I had a giveaway for all of you and decided to take the picture there.  The hotel was located a few blocks from Central Park, and two blocks away from the subway. I honestly don’t know much about the subway, but somehow I managed to make my way to and from there on it. The hotel has a very elegant and high end feel to it and my favorite part was the hallways ! They are narrow and very 1920s. However, the outside streets are where I spent most of my time. Knowing the hotel was located in the heart of the Upper West Side, I roamed through the streets to take pictures. My shoots consisted of two to three days, but the location of the hotel made it easy for me to journey throughout NY, still close enough to come and sneak in a nap at times. I recommend this hotel for a quick getaway to the city!

xx Gina

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image image image image image image imageSo if you haven’t made plans for New Years yet I have the plan! The US Grant Hotel is planning their New Years event and it’t better than ever! Bohemian nights… Boho-Chic…Feathers, Hats Call it what you want but the theme is what matters. There will be amazing surprises and of course the night won’t be enough without champagne and good music, the hotel is making this year memorable to each and every one of us so it would be great if we could all share it together. Hope to see you there ! Here is the info on the hotel dates and tickets for admission: