Collagen Peptide 24

Ok so hear me out on this. As you all may know I have been trying to be a little more real with you guys on social media. I have tried to incorporate zero filters for a while, sharing more on videos, and overall more in my everyday life. What has been a crucial part of me gaining this confidence to show you the real me is what I have been prepping my skin with day and night. My skin has cleared up so much in the past months and it’s all thanks to the products I’ve been using from Olay.

One of my go-to products is the Collagen Peptide24 moisturizer. I apply it in the mornings and at night. Why do I apply it in the morning? Since I do wear makeup pretty much every day this cream helps my skin look dewy and soft and there is nothing better than putting a little bit of foundation on post moisturizer and still feel fabulous right? This moisturizer has truly helped a lot and I find my makeup stays on nicely over it.

Now for why I use it at night. Honestly, it’s not the nighttime feeling but more about the morning after when you wake up and touch your skin feeling that makes this routine click for me. Every time I use this cream at night, I wake up with the most hydrated skin ever. I apply it all over my face as well as my neck and boom I can instantly feel how smooth my skin is in the morning.

Best thing about this product is it’s available at drugstores, it is affordable, and you don’t need much application in order to feel the change in your skin right away.

Thank you Olay, for sponsoring this video and for helping me gain confidence in my skin and in myself.