A Letter to My Son.

My son,

Never thought in a million years I could have the tiniest best friend, the one I can walk with everyday, the one I get ready with, the one I speak to even though he doesn’t speak back, but yet I know he is listening, and the one who looks at me with unconditional love. You are my most precious gem in life and I’ll make sure to treasure you forever.

I’m writing this letter as I’m looking at you sleep. Your cute toes, chubby legs, and delicious cheeks .. man I could just wake you up now filling you up with kisses, but you look so angelic and peaceful ( makes my heart melt every time ). As we are getting to know each other more day by day I realize how much you like attention, you love to smile, laugh, and even scream when a girl smiles at you. I can tell you will be a flirt and it may sound weird, but I know you will be funny too. Hopefully you get your dad’s moves and your mom’s personality. I can already see so much from both of us and it’s mesmerizing to know I will be the one to experience every stage in your life.

I want you to know my love for you is unconditional yet protective. Wherever life takes you and makes you, I want you to know I will always love every part of who you are. I still remember the first time I held you in my arms, your eyes were wide awake, and your hand was holding my finger tight. Till this day I want you know I loved every sleepless night, every tear, every fear, every “What if”, every “I can’t do this”, every mistake, every struggle, and every unknown. I loved and will always love you through it all.

I will make sure you are a gentleman, a respectful husband, and hopefully an amazing father. If you marry, I want to have the first dance … 3 min long minimum … I want to be the fun grandma, and the crazy yet hip mother in law. I want to be close to you, talk to you, and you not be afraid to be judged. I will be your mom forever and there will be no flaws in this world I won’t be able to understand from you.

I see so many memories to come, your first crawl, your first steps, first word (hopefully mama)… and as I said earlier, every day is a new teaching for me, but one thing I know for sure is no matter how hard or easy life gets I will always make sure you know what unconditional love means because there will be no greater example than mine, your mom.

Te amo mi niño ,

Tu mami.


  1. Irene Ybarra
    August 28, 2020 / 1:42 am

    Lo mejor que he leido en mi vida!

    Los Amo!