2nd Trimester Update

Hi guys! This post has been way overdue… even though I’m in my 3rd trimester wanted to update you on my 2nd trimester journey. Many of you have followed along and have seen my Q&A series on Instagram so you have been kept a little more in the loop, but even if you haven’t no worries because I’m going to be dishing it all out! Let’s begin!

I think for me there were more pros than cons in this trimester than last. My nausea went away, my belly finally got to make its form (not making me look bloated), and I had more energy than ever. It’s amazing how after week 14 my nausea completely went away, making me want to stock back up on candles for the house and spray perfume on my body. I started craving different kinds of food and finally started gaining much more weight than I had anticipated. I’m not going to lie, it was so scary every time I got on a scale because the number of lbs would increase not by 1 or 2 pounds but by 5. However, I decided to look at the positive side and just go with the flow. My clothes in the second trimester definitely changed as I began wearing more “pregnant friendly” pieces and felt more confident wearing silk skirts and showing off that mini bump. Also my energy levels increased so much!! I started working out again, walking everyday, doing yoga, and sometimes sculpt yoga, which included weights. I’m not going to lie, I had my rough days where my heartburn went through the roof and I thought to myself ‘Is this normal?’ My esophagus still feels like it burns for hours, especially at night to the point where I can only sleep 2 to 4 hours at a time. This may be just my experience, but TUMS have been a lifesaver for anyone who is experiencing this.

I feel like the second trimester was the most pleasant. I could actually tie my shoes, sleep laying down (now I sleep semi sitting because of the heartburn, no joke ), and didn’t have to pee every 20 minutes. I also think I could have traveled more on my second trimester but I decided to lay low. If I were to give a little advice to myself at the beginning of the pregnancy it would have been to travel more. I’m still traveling at 34 weeks and nothing has changed. So get out there and hop on that flight, unless your doctor says otherwise, of course.

I think the best part about my whole pregnancy is the relationship I built with everyone around me. They all want to help you out, they don’t let you carry things, make you smile as much as possible, and spoil you as much as they can. Currently I’m at the 34 week mark and can’t wait to update you guys. I think that next time I write an update, I may have a baby boy to take care of! I honestly cannot wait to meet him 🙂


  1. Amanda
    April 18, 2020 / 4:50 am

    I absolutely love the pink ski jacket you wore! Could I please get the details on that jacket?!! Xo Amanda

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