My Moment Must-Haves

If you’re barely tuning in, I’ve got some news .. I’m pregnant! For those of you who already knew, you can tell that I didn’t give in fully to maternity clothing. Yes, from time to time I’ll wear maternity leggings or maternity jeans, but that’s pretty much it! I’ve been working with pieces that already live in my closet to accommodate this phase in my life, where everything seems to fit, well a tad snug in some places to say the least. I found that I’ve been living in the five pieces highlighted in this blog post and I’ll share why I am so obsessed with each!
The oversized blazer is a statement piece that I’ve always encouraged all of you to add to your wardrobe. Little did I know that in this pregnancy, I would add so much value to my blazers. Blazers are a perfect way to polish any look and if you’re looking to look slimmer and still add structure to your outfit, this is the perfect piece. A blazer is a comfortable and roomy alternative to a cardigan which gives no shape to the body!
I’ve never been a fan of body-con dresses. I usually used them in the past as a layering piece, rather than the main piece in a full on outfit. However, I found that as my belly has been growing, it actually flatters my pregnant bod. Plus, body-con dresses hug the tummy in all the right places creating a super comfortable piece to take on the day. Who am I? Wearing body-con dresses on the daily to show off my tum! Yeah, I’ve become that girl!
Leggings and tights are a given! The body changes through a pregnancy and at times the only thing I want to wear is tights and leggings. I recommend you guys to stock up on good quality tights or leggings because you’ll be living in these babies for about 9 months straight and probably a few months postpartum! The best part about these looks is that even if you’re not pregnant you can still recreate these looks and look stylish and feel amazing because they are so comfy!
Oh, the silk skirt! What would have been of my styling approach without this piece these past six months? I honestly do not know! The silk skirt has been my life saving glory because it is a stretchy yet form fitting piece that falls on the body very nicely creating an elegant look. It is also a piece you can dress either up or down. If you’ve taken a look recently at my Insta feed, you’ll notice I’ve been living in these. The best part is that they’re trending so much that brands are creating all kinds of colors and fun patterns in these skirts! This makes it easier for me to create a versatile outfit with the same mold — the silk skirt as a staple!
The mid-calf coat is a topper that I’ve been oo-ing and ahh-ing over these past months. It’s a great piece to keep you warm, plus it adds sophistication to an already amazing outfit. It takes the look over the top in terms of style. I usually add a crossbody handbag on the inside of the coat just to add another stylish element! (Note: Here I’m using the mis calf coat with the silk skirt as a combo)

You can mix and match all these pieces to your liking, but at the end of the day they are affordable options to a put together and comfortable look for any girl on the go!

xx Gina


  1. Meagan
    January 15, 2020 / 10:23 pm

    Where do you find your silk skirts ?