My Favorite Amazon Finds

This more than anything is an Amazon appreciation post. I can’t remember exactly when I started shopping on Amazon, but I do know that hundreds of purchases later I decided to write this. Amazon is such a great platform to buy so many different kinds of products. I have to admit, in the early stages of my online shopping I would only buy electronics, appliances, tools, etc. Over time, I began to look up food items that were not at the local grocery store and eventually I dipped into Amazon fashion as well. Now, it is a must to log in to my account to get any last minute purchases before any trips I have coming up.
The beauty of Amazon is that you can put exactly what you are looking for into the search engine and a ton of options will come up. For example: *Metallic Puffer Jacket* — Jackpot! The prices are always at a great price point, but keep in mind that the quality of the pieces might not be the best. It’s a “you get what you pay for” kind of situation. But let’s talk about this full metallic look I purchased two days prior to leaving for Switzerland at a fraction of what you would pay at the mall! Shop below !!

The key when shopping on Amazon fashion is to know exactly what you want to shop. I do not recommend just browsing “clothes” because you will probably spend hours on the site before finding something that you actually want to purchase. Narrowing down your search items is essential for fast online shopping. For example, you can search “brown teddy coat” & “band tee” to achieve a similar look!

I lose my RayBan round glasses twice a week, no joke. With all the outfit changes and different bags I use I end up misplacing them all the time. However, they are my all time favorite pair! I recently bought three pairs of dupes for shoots that look exactly like the real thing for pictures at a literal fraction of the price! If you always end up losing your sunnies — pro-tip buy the dupes ! It will hurt less when you misplace your pair.

For bump style, I never thought I would end up shopping on Amazon. It has become my go to when looking for body-con dresses with off the shoulder sleeves, sleeveless, or long sleeves. I swear I have been living in these the past few months and I can’t believe no one ever told me about them. They are amazingly soft and hug all the right curves to keep that bump in place.

As far as prints and textures go, you can also find quite the variety. If you’re a stickler looking for good quality fabrics, I would recommend shopping in store. It’s often a hit or miss when shopping online especially when the price is too good to be true. I love looking for certain fabrics to give extra umph to an outfit like a silk scarf for example.

Even for workouts, I found that I can get all my musts for a seamless day at the gym on Amazon. I bought this flask a few years back and I was not able to find it, but I found a similar one for you guys to shop!

Hair products, serums, and overall beauty is something that I take very seriously. In the past I have done campaigns with brands such as Herbal Essences, Pantene, and Garnier and found products that I will remain loyal to for years to come. It is so much easier to add to cart and have items delivered to your home when you’re already receiving something else and plus the shipping is free!

I also love to shop any kind of accessories that will compliment my outfit. I love expensive jewelry, but for the most part when I want to buy I end up removing the items from cart or second guessing my taste. I love that Amazon has such affordable pieces that I can stack on and if I get tired of wearing the earrings or necklace, I don’t feel guilty at all for tossing them to the side after three or four uses!

Overall, you can kind of take away that the fashion scene on Amazon is growing big time! I will be updating my fave Amazon finds as soon as I fully transition into Spring! Stay tuned!

xx Gina