Making Bump Style My Style

For the longest time, I never really knew how I would style a baby bump when I became pregnant. I thought I would have to buy maternity wear and make it work even though the options and styles are quite limited. Much to my surprise, I have not had trouble finding pieces that work with the baby bump. If you follow me from a long time ago, you know that my style mainly consisted of jeans or shorts paired with oversized blazers and a stylish or basic top. Well, I basically swapped out the jeans and shorts for midi skirts and leggings and stayed true to my style.
When thinking of dressing up the bump, it’s best to not overthink! I know it sounds easier said than done, but I’m sure we all have some stretchy bottoms living in our wardrobe and these are the months to whip them out and take them for a spin. It’s about making the style transition as seamless as possible, still sticking to your true style whether that be ladylike, polished, romantic, or edgy. For example, I’ve been loving the combat trend this season and I started pairing them with all kinds of outfits since early October. However, now that my ankles are getting a little swollen and puffy, the combat boots are the perfect way to get the support I need from a shoe and to hide my soon to be kankles in a stylish way!
It’s always very important to know what you will be doing and where you will be heading so that you dress accordingly. I’ve always loved looking different or chic in all kinds of settings. However, in this pregnancy sometimes it’s a little difficult to get creative with patterns and pieces because the reality is that clothes don’t fit the same way as before. I found a few styles and stuck to them to make my mornings easier.
I’ve also played around with maternity clothing as well, mostly jeans. I’m a casual kind of gal that loves a good pair of denim. However, when I noticed that my denim wasn’t fitting as it was before, I opted for searching maternity jeans. Much to my surprise, they hold everything in place and look very chic. There’s not much variety out there, so if you find a good pair of maternity jeans I’d love to know the brand and where you got them from! These are from Isabella Oliver, they have the cutest dresses and pieces for all you mamas to be out there. Their prices are a little steep, so I recommend sticking to your basics when choosing maternity wear (black, white, gray, stripes, etc!)

Let me know in the comments below what your bump style looks like or if you have some maternity hacks of your own!

xx Gina

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  1. Andria Brown
    July 17, 2020 / 1:28 pm

    Hi there, I just started following you and really like your style!!
    I was trying to find out where your necklaces are from but can’t seem to locate the information on the app. Any chance you would be able to link the details

    Greatly appreciated