Favorite Fall Trends

I can’t believe it’s time to start up the convo on fall trends! I feel like it’s been 10 years since I last spoke about pumpkin anything! I bet most of you would really wish summer would have lasted a little longer and don’t get me wrong vacay paradise destinations are my fave, but when dressing, who doesn’t love a chunky knit, curling up by the fireplace, and drinking a cup of tea? I know I do. I deep dove into my closet to find some of my favorite fall trends and of course some of the inspo I saw recently at Fashion Week. Follow along to see some of my top fave fall trends.
  1. Combat Boots: I feel like these are just a must have piece in your closet. I might be jumping on this band wagon a little late, but I definitely am loving it! Give me a little break, I live in SD where the weather is pretty much always perfect. I was sold on the trend when I found these ASH combat boots online and I swear they are the best addition to my closet. I’ve been wearing them with dresses, skirts, midi skirts, jeans, the works! They add such an edgy vibe to a look and Vogue mentioned recently in an article that Punk Spirit is a thing this season. This is my way of incorporating it to my look.

2. I saw so many houndstooth looks this past week. If you are not familiar with houndstooth it is basically a patterned wool fabric made up of squares in two colors (similar to this scarf that I am wearing). Although houndstooth is the official trend, I opted and took a small loophole because the trend is a bit too much for me. I like to dress like the everyday girl and I’m pretty sure the outfit I created inspired by houndstooth is a happy medium. Just me in a chunky knit and a chunky scarf with a little bit of color and a relaxed fit jean.

3. Mixing Neutrals with Leather: I know we all love a good neutral. It gives a little breather to all the loud prints and textures in your closet. This season I decided to add a little edge to my neutrals and I paired them with leather skirts. For the most part, I still went with a casual look, pairing the outfits with sneakers, but I definitely did add some turtlenecks, wool jackets, and cozy tops. I could live in these outfits this fall until the weather drops a little too much and I’ll have to swap my skirt for leggings or add a tight underneath.

4. Pink for Fall: It’s not a usual trend– peeps usually stick to browns, mustard hues, and break out their burgundy basics this time a year. However, I found that many department stores are making all your snuggle up faves in blush tones, lilacs, and mint colors. It’s like Spring, but with a twist. I personally love it because it is something different and I live for a closet tune up. I can certainly say that the classic fall tones will live on forever, but if you want to try something new, click on that pastel beaut and add to cart !

5. A little sequin action in a jewel tone. I love love an emerald look, but a sequin emerald look is something that I didn’t know I needed but now I know I cannot live without. Sequins always make a statement and are the ultimate holiday pick. Gearing towards holiday events, I decided to add this look as inspo to your Thanksgiving dinner, holiday office party, or posadas! It is such a head turner and I got it from Vici collection.

Most of the looks included here are from Vici Collection (even the shoes). Vici is an online retailer with the most amazing and current trends on the market. They are very affordable, ship within the week, and they have new merch every single day! If you have been following me for a while, you know I absolutely love Vici, but for all those who are just tuning in to the blog or are just hearing about Vici for the first time, I’m so excited for you to head over there and look at the new Fall gems!

xx Gina

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