Fall’s Not-So-Chunky Sweaters

Sweater weather is the best time of the year, change my mind. I can’t wait for the temperature to drop a little lower and to leave my favorite coffee shops with a warm latte in hand. On the one hand, we still haven’t reached arctic temperatures here is San Diego so opting for a not so chunky sweater right now is more fitting. What exactly is a not-so-chunky sweater? Well it’s a piece that has a good oversize fit but you will not be sweating through if the temperature is around 70. It’s a middle ground between a full on puffy cozy sweater and a thin pullover.
As I was getting ready to cozy up for fall I noticed these kinds of sweaters started to live more and more on my shopping cart and I decided to pay tribute to them in the form of a blog post. So here it is, my not-so-chunky sweater shopping guide.
Vici Collection has slain over the years when creating affordable & trendy pieces for women to wear. They have the best collection of sweaters at $50 dlls or less. Plus, they have such good quality to them. This burnt orange sweater is a piece that I found fitting especially because of the season. It is lightweight enough that I can wear it during the day but cozy enough to keep me warm at night!
I bought this piece in a gray color as well. I don’t know if you guys do this or it’s just me, but whenever I find a great solid wardrobe seasonal staple I get it in a bunch of different colors because I know I’ll wear it. Personally, I’ve been using the gray much more than the red orange sweater, but I think it’s because the red has more of a wow factor because of the color.
A soft turtleneck is something that every girl needs in her wardrobe. It is not only flattering and chic, but it’s a great layering piece to add under a stylish jacket or coat. Although we have a good grasp of what our go-to basics are throughout the year, we can add some room for seasonal basics and make them part of our everyday wardrobe as well. In my preference, I pair turtlenecks with either skirts or jeans and pair with stylish booties or tennis shoes depending on what I’ll be taking on that day! All in all, a turtleneck is a seasonal staple and a not-so chunky favorite that should be treated as a basic year round!
The basic pullover. This is a judgement call piece. These are found at your local Old Navy, Urban Outfitters, Loft, Neiman, or Vince store. They’re everywhere and at every price point known to man. I call this one the judgement call because although they are everywhere, people pass on the one’s that they don’t seem fitting to their lifestyle. These practically pair with everything and will hold very valuable real estate in your closet which is why I think people are the most picky when choosing these items.
Cutouts are a detailing that should be handled with care. Although they added a definite appeal to a regular sweater, they can be a bit nonconventional because they are not good for low temperature drops. This is more of a trend and to wear for stylish purposes rather than to keep warm! However, can we talk about how cute these sweater cutouts on this turtleneck are?!
The color neon was huge throughout the summer which is why it’s no surprise that it’s making it’s transition to fall as well. Neon is a difficult color to work with and a trendy color, nonetheless, but when looking for options to combine this piece with always go with the basics. Jeans, jeans, jeans!! You can never go wrong with this color combo!