Autumn Blazers

Hi guys, I’ve been a little MIA on the blog lately, but I wanted to come back with one of my favorite year-round trends—blazers. I love a good blazer because it polishes up any outfit and creates a chic factor like no other. Blazers used to be the go-to office attir, but they made a complete 180 and nowadays peeps wear them on the daily. They are also very flattering making them a fan favorite for a day to night look.

Like everything in fashion there’s trends to the blazer; I’m talking stylish prints, exotic silhouettes, and out of the ordinary fits. I dipped into my inner stylist to share some of my favorite fits, pairings and prints for this season’s blazers.
I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love a good matching two-piece, especially when the top comes in a blazer. The pant suit is renown as masculine attire, but worn the right way and hugging the right curves can make for a stylish ensemble for a woman. This forest green two piece was a show stopper for me, and a no brainer to kick off this blog post because it has so many things going for it: the color, the oversized fit, and its versatility. This pant suit can be paired with almost anything because the forest green can be treated as a neutral when paired with other prints or basics, a definite win for me!

Let’s talk print and pop of color. Usually when I think of outfitting, I go for one or the other. If I’m being a little bold, I might do a little bit of both when creating pairings. I rarely get the chance to find a piece that has both elements. This Zadig Voltaire gem is from their newest fall collection and I just knew I had to get my hands on it for fall. The color is perfect for pumpkin spice season and the bold print will definitely get some head turns. This piece was a bit of a splurge, however you can shop a similar piece below at a much more affordable price!

The oversized find is a closet staple that you must must have in your close. If you don’t already have this piece let me be the first to tell you that you can find these in your dad’s closet, at your local gently used clothing store, or even at Goodwill. This blazer is my husband’s blazer and I decided to take it for a spin on this shooting day. What I’m trying to get at here is that you don’t have to spend much money . if you’re looking for an oversized fit, it’s pretty simple to find. If the fit is a little too large, you can use it as a blazer-dress with heels for a night out and still make it fashion. I swear, the possibilities are endless. Pro tip- try and find a good oversized blazer with shoulder pads– it will create a much better silhouette!

We’ve talked pairing, prints, colors, and fit, but we haven’t mentioned fabric. Choosing a specific fabric for a blazer also creates a look. Imagine a denim blazer and a silk satin blazer — they have different vibes and different purposes. One is more appropriate for a casual outfit with jeans and the other will probably be in need of heels. I chose a specific fabric that has been around for ages and will probably be trendy for a few seasons to come: leather. Make sure that the fabric you choose is one that will serve a purpose with many pieces already living in your closet so that you get the best out of your buck !

xx Gina

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