Go-to Summer Scarves

One of my favorite accessories for the season is the classic silk scarf. I love using the word classic because it means you can go back to that item in years to come and create versatile looks with it (you can go from a polished prep look to a boho poolside statement). There are many faces to a silk scarf and I’m here to guide you in some of my favorite looks to the summer season.

The ponytail scarf style is a simple but gorgeous manner in which to create in everyday look. I would suggest using oblong scarf for this look, such as the one pictured above. I usually buy my scarves at Free People and some scarves already come attached to a scrunchie for an easier wearable look. If you are using a non- scrunchie scarf here’s how to tie it! Create a ponytail with a regular hair tie. Once you have your ponytail, fold your scarf in half lengthways, and then fold it again. Gather the scarf in the middle and knot around your hair. Voila!

The top bow or top knot look is great for keeping your hair away from your face. It is a cute and feminine way to add a little extra pizzaz to a look. It is such a different look because nowadays everyone wears their hair in front of their face, but ‘why hide your beauty?’

Taking an oblong scarf (btw an oblong scarf is a scarf that is longer rather than wider). I absolutely love a great print because I get to see different variations of the print when I wrap it into a bow. Here’s how to create the look — Pass the scarf round the bottom of the back of your head and bring both ends up together to meet. Pull the ends together to tie in a large bow. I like the knot to be tight enough so that the look will not fall apart — but the bow loose enough for it to seem effortless.

A modern twist on the classic headband. This boho inspired look is a definite head turner and maybe the hardest way to tie a headband if you haven’t done it before. Once you get the hang of it it will come like second nature. I love the pirate look because it’s edgy, yet boho and functional when it comes to second day hair poolside or if you got too much tanning oil on your hair (if you know what I mean). It’s a simple alternative to a hat. Heres how to tie it: lay down a large square scarf and fold opposite ends together to create a triangle. Align the middle part of the straight edge of the scarf to the middle of your forehead and tie the ends behind your head.

Last, but not least –the regular hippie tie back. This is a style that has come in waves. It was extremely popular back in ’09 and came back in ’13-’14. Today, we don’t see it a popular trend but there is always that one person who likes to bring back the look. I like to use a large silk oblong scarf for this. I fold similar to the hair bow look: fold your scarf in half lengthways, and then fold it again. Gather the scarf in the middle and place it on your forehead. Wrap around your head and tie it in the back.

Let me know what you guys think! I really would love the feedback !



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