Marrakech, Morocco.

Lots and lots of questions on this trip! Most of them including, Where to go?, Is it safe?, Where to stay?, What to eat?, Where to shop?…. so lets begin! Most important one… Where to stay.

Hotel Recommendations:

To sum it up, we did it a little different than most people. We went for 5 days and the first 3 nights we stayed in the center of Marrakech, which is called Jemaa el-Fnaa. We stayed in a Riad, which Riad means an old vintage house turned into a hotel with magical Moroccan architecture. In other words it is the Moroccan traditional house, normally with two or more stories around an Andalusian-style courtyard that contained a fountain. Riads were the stately city homes of the wealthiest citizens such as merchants and courtiers.

Most riads are in the center located where all the shops are, as you all may know already these shops are filled with amazing rugs, handbags, hats, accessories, you name it! Jemaa El-Fna has hundreds of street food sellers, shopping opportunities, live traditional entertainment, noise, hustle, bustle, mint tea in roof top terraces with amazing sun sets and aerial photography shots! SO picturesque you will want to take photos in every corner.

Most handbags range from $10 to $50 but make sure you negotiate.

I honestly couldn’t control myself not shop in every single corner… I bought hats, rugs, bags, even Moroccan teacups for everyone back home! It’s insane the amount of goods Marrakech has to offer, especially for Summer.

Now for food, we were blessed to have friends from Morocco in town and they literally showed us the best places to eat… Honestly the weirdest thing is you don’t give a penny for the outside of the restaurants, but once inside it’s breathtaking! Highly recommend going to Dar Yacout, an authentic Moroccan restaurant where the decoration is out of this world. As you may see in the picture we ate a lot and yes we finished everything.

So we sort of did the cultural things the first 3 days and the last 2 days we literally just chilled in the hotel. The last 2 days we stayed in a breathtaking hotel, literally felt like I was in a palace.

The Selman Hotel, owned by true Moroccans, was founded 7 years ago, which is relatively new … The architecture is out of this world, from velvet walls, to crystal ceilings, to horseback riding. I spend 3 hours exploring the whole hotel and I think I still had so much to see.

This hotel is also surrounded by flowers, which is very rare for Marrakech since it’s considered a desert. I think my husband got tired of me for taking so many pictures since this hotel is so instagrammable…. The next morning we literally just spent the whole day at the pool, chilling, smoking shisha, and getting our tan on…. but most importantly the best thing about this hotel was the service! So amazing and welcoming… something about Marrakech that makes you want to come again.

Hopefully next year.

We will see 🙂


  1. Bea
    July 18, 2019 / 5:49 pm

    Great post about Morocco! I was wondering if you could tell me where you found the bright orange romper or dress you are wearing in the last photo? Thanks!