IPhone or Camera?

I’ve had so many questions from different people, either influencers or followers on how I can take photos so effortlessly and just be “natural”… I’ve always thought of myself that if I “pose” it’s not for me, that I either have to smile or make a face that makes me feel comfortable with the shot… Don’t get me wrong I applaud and respect all the girls out there that nail the posing situation, I’ve tried closeups, laying down, and even the “turn your head backwards”… for some reason those don’t end up working for me, and for another reason iPhone photos work so well for me too! I fell like if I’m looking thought an iphone I can relate to everyone in the world taking a photo, but if i take it with a camera it’s like look at me, and I fell all eyes are on me… Is it weird??? maybe some can relate to me, maybe not.

This is an iPhone photo

I take Camera shots twice a week and I shoot probably 5 outfits per week… I end up posting 2 out of those 5 looks 90% of the time because I want to make sure my audience can relate to the shot or to why I posted it. I love camera shots, don’t get me wrong, I think the quality and the editing part is so much easier that iPhone, but at the same time IPhone is your real life, your every day to day post and maybe thats why I like it so much more…

This was shot with a DSLR Camera

Most of you know I’m your next door casual girl that loves a messy bun, some shorts with an oversized shirt, and sometimes I’m that girl who loves designer clothes and handbags and pulls it off once in a while because, YES l live and die for fashion… I’m not the skinniest, the prettiest, and not the typical girl on instagram that you say how does she have that body?! or that face?! I’m more of that girl you can relate to and pull off whatever she is wearing.

Photo with iPhone

I love my job, I love expressing myself through a lens… for some people it’s easier with an iPhone, a small camera, or a big DSLR … it depends on the person, but in the end wanted to share to everyone out there do what makes you YOU, whatever makes you feel comfortable, show it off, express it, and embrace it!

Shot with Camera