4 Lippies Perfect for Date Night

Hi loves ! Recently my DM’s have been flooded with questions about my lipstick shades. Shades of lipstick are a little tricky — kind of like silhouettes in fashion. For the most part we know if a mom jean, a skinny jean, a flared or a boot cut ;looks best on our figure, right? Well it’s the same with lipsticks — depending on your skin tone there’s going to be different shades that brighten up your face. I wanted to share some of my favorite shades from affordable beauty brands so that you can test them out at your nearest Sephora, Ulta Beauty, or department store!

Nars is one of those brands that I have a love & hate relationship with (more love rather than hate — don’t get me wrong). What I love about Nars is that the consistency of the gloss isn’t too thick — it’s light and doesn’t make my lips stick too much. They come out with new collections every few months which lets you know that they’re definitely innovating to create a better product! They also have color palettes that range from all ends of the color spectrum which is genius because they have something for everyone. What I struggle with when it comes to Nars, is finding my perfect shade — they have so many to choose from that like a little kid in a candy store I want to try them all! This specific shade (Abruzzo) I found to be perfect for date night because it has hints of metallic and plums but at first glance it looks like a wine colored tone.

Tarte is a brand that I recently began to try out in the past couple of weeks. At first, I did not understand the fascination– but as with most things as soon as you try it out you decide wether you love it or hate it. Well, I’m hooked. I decided to try out a neutral shade and it instantly became one of my favorites. Here’s why: most of us are either gloss or lipstick gals — some are both! Or sometimes you want to wear lipstick because it’s very windy and having hair stuck to your lips is uncomfortable to say the least — or you want to wear gloss to add a little extra contour to the lip. The lip sculptor lipstick-lipgloss has both in the same shade. It comes in about the size of your index finger but contains both lipstick and lipgloss — can you say space saver?! I love the Candid (an apricot nude shade), but it comes in four different tones .

I am a very loyal gal when it comes to Bite Beauty by Sephora. They were the first beauty brand to gift any products and to me that was such a big deal. Of course, them being the first to gift I’ve been familiar with their lip pencils, glosses, lipsticks, lip balms, lip scrubs and more. When they came out with their lip stains — I immediately had to try them. I love a color punch when it comes to date night so I decided to try out and orange tone and a scarlet tone.

I opted for the Orange Fizz lip tint — which worked wonders in regards to compatibility with my skin. I loved the tone so much I am currently wearing it as I write this post. What I loved about the color was that it wasn’t such a strong color such as a vibrant red tone, but it definitely was a date night look lippie.

I also tried out the Bite Beauty lip stain in the color Sangria Slush. This was a tricky one to get off by the end of the night, but I mean it definitely did its job. I rarely try lip stains because once you wear it you have to own it. They are so difficult to remove that it’s just better to apply once and wear it out. I usually never try out darker and bolder tones like this because my facial features are already pretty strong, but I got such great feedback from my galpals and the hubby that I think I might start wearing them more often.

Hopefully I answered some of your questions through this blog post, but I will definitely link the items below for your shopping pleasure ! ‘Till next time loves !

xx Gina

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