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We’ve all been there, cancelling last minute on a ride we weren’t ready for — oops! Can you guys relate? This is probably something we do more often than we realize. The Uber app has become my savior. It’s a marvel that we have such easy access to a ride request app just with the click of a button. This is why I became ecstatic when I heard that Uber had a new Uber Rewards program — I mean such a great incentive.
Most of you who have followed me for a while know that the blogger life is very much on the go. Sometimes I have to run home and do a quick outfit change to get to my next meeting or get together. This takes up so much of my time that I am so grateful to have flexibility with Uber Rewards. Having the chance to actually have control when it comes to my time allows me to get more done throughout my day and makes running around town that much smoother. I think that most of you can agree that saving time is always a mini victory— plus for me, that means more outfit changes and more content on my platforms for all of you!

In a nutshell, the new Uber Rewards program allows members to earn benefits on every eligible ride and or Uber Eats order, which means that I’ll be earning points on things that I would be treating myself to anyway! There are four Uber Rewards tiers (Blue, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond) and the tier that you’re in is based on the points you earn on every eligible ride or Uber Eats order.

Guys, I am currently in the Gold Tier! Let me paint a little picture: You know that Uber ride you request 10 minutes before you’re ready to leave and you end up needing just a bit more time to get yourself together  — I personally would get very frustrated because my time management skills were lacking. However, being part of the Gold Tier, gives me the benefit of Flexible Cancellations. This means that I have the flexibility to cancel a ride and have the cancellation fees refunded when I rebook within 15 minutes. This is a blessing not so in disguise — I get more time!

Overall, Uber Rewards means less stress on my end and I’m all for it. It also means the same for you! Now you can order those meals and rides with no guilt because you know you’ll be receiving a little perk of your own. Make sure to find out your tier in your Uber app and check out the rewards that come with each tier for yourself! I would hate for you all to miss out on such a great program.

Comment below with what your favorite part of the Uber Rewards program is and make sure to tag @Uber or use the hashtag #UberRewards on all your posts so I can follow along on your journey as well.

xx, Gina

Learn more at uber.com/rewards . Terms Apply.


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