4 Tips for Upping Your Casual Outfit Game

I’m pretty sure we all wear that casual outfit more often than not — the one that’s a little more polished than just wearing sweats but toned down so much as to not get the “and where are you headed to?” question. If you are barely tuning in to my blog, you will find countless posts on how to do casual right — however this post is a little different. I’m sharing 4 tips to tweaking that casual outfit to make it even more polished for everyday wear.
Tip 1: Shoes & Handbags finish off an outfit. You may think that an outfit consists of the top, bottom, and maybe outerwear. However shoes and handbags especially eye catching ones can create a look that people will notice. I paired a Dior vintage piece, but any tote with a different print can create this effect.
As far as the shoes go, I decided to go with a classic black patent pump. The heel does add a trendy touch which creates the whispers in the background and the root of the compliment when it comes to the pumps. Pair these two together and you’ve got gold as finishing touches to you casual outfit.
Tip 2: Metallicize (I’m not sure if this is a verb). Here, I also went with a statement shoe, but added a metallic sprinkle to the outfit to create an edgier everyday outfit. I loved this rose gold jacket from the moment I laid eyes on it, but it is so roomy and breathable that I have been wearing it to yoga as well. It creates a glam ensemble with a relaxed feel — a definite winner. Keep in mind, the metallic can be added in accessories, jackets, coats, bags etc.
Tip 3: Mix those prints. Mixing prints became insanely popular in the fashion industry and is still very relevant today. It means taking a risk when it comes to your wardrobe, but when you have a casual outfit as a base, it becomes less difficult to practice. I shared two pictures where I created prints with casual outfits above — one mixing the shoes and top — and one just adding a print to the flared denim I was wearing. You can see how it no longer looks like a simple casual outfit.
Tip 4: Accessorize. When it comes to hanging satchels, adding jewels, and deciding to wear a hat it may’ve to do with personal style. However, It can do so much for a simple outfit. It gives the people you share time with or those who cross paths with you a light into your personality.

My constant advice throughout the years has been to stay true to your style and stick to the basics because they will make up most of your everyday wardrobe. However, fashion is fun and should be fun. Many times, because we want to look put together, we forget that there are ways to up a look with minor adjustments. Let me know what you think of these four tips in the comments below and make sure to share your pictures applying these tips on your social media platforms !

xx Gina

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