4 Perfect Looks for Spring

It’s the first day of Spring and of course I wanted to create a little blogpost for those of you that are getting that Spring cleaning done — what to keep, what to toss, and what to shop for! There are timeless pieces when it comes to the Spring/Summer wardrobe that become essentials; even winter basics may become a part of your Spring wardrobe with transitional pieces such as bright colored turtle necks, dark florals, or even a velvet piece in a pastel hue. There’s a lot you can do with the pieces already in your closet, but today I’m sharing 4 looks for Spring that will hit the nail on the head and you will be able to use throughout Summer as well.
1. A Neutral Off Shoulder Piece : The off the shoulder trend made quite the entrance to the fashion world a few years ago. One of the main reasons, women are in love with this trend is because of how flattering it is to most body types. It also gives off a little sex appeal in a very subtle way and isn’t that always a win for all of us? Keeping it neutral allows for a mix and match of colors. You can add a pop of color jacket, some statement shoes, a fedora, or even some bold accessories! The possibilities are endless when it comes to neutrals.
2. A Floral Print Jacket: Whether we like to admit it or not, floral print screams Spring. The fashion world has taught us that it’s okay to do the unexpected. However, I know many of you just like me will wear florals in Spring most often than not. You know me, I’m not much of the pastel, bright wardrobe type — so it’s a bit difficult for me to select my florals. I decided on a black and white jacket (shocking!) with a floral print. I played my florals into my wardrobe but in a very unique way that spoke to my style.
3. A Fresh yet Simple Look: Okay, here we’re talking about a white top, denim shorts, and tennis shoes. However, I picture this look and it screams “ready for Spring”, does it not do the same to you? I think that the up-do does a lot for the outfit as well, but I can guarantee all of you can find these pieces already in your closet. These are the ones you DO NOT want to toss. This look will carry on for ages. You can even swap out the shorts for jeans, a skirt, or even a bermuda. It will always look polished and it is a n effortless look that will always make you look polished.
4. Working in that Print : I know most of you follow me because I stay true to my jeans, leathers, neutrals, etc. However, Spring is here and there’s no better season than to work in a different print. I’m not much of a polka queen, but these Nasty Gal bottoms kinda made me one. I stayed very basic on my other pieces — top, bag, shoes, and sunnies– because the pant overpowered my outfit. However, there are so many fun prints to play with this season. There’s no reason to hold back !

Spring is a time to make that transition into a bright and happy wardrobe. Share your looks with my hashtag #Hunt4Styles !

xx Gina


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