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It’s fashion month and I’m kicking it off with eBay Fashion! I’m currently in New York and the inspo on the streets is just overflowing to the max! I’m talking bright colors, head turning one pieces, sequins galore, you name it. Peeps are pulling out all the stops this fashion season. I wanted to share some of my favorite trends that I’m spotting this fashion week, plus sharing a little insight on how you can find them on eBay Fashion. I love creating content with pieces that my audience will actually wear, this means affordable ready to wear clothing that is created for the masses . So this fashion week, I made it my priority to build wearable everyday outfits out of all my favorite fashion week trends, so that you at home can try them out for yourself.

One of my favorite trends this season was keeping it monochrome. If you don’t know what that means– I’ll make it super simple. It’s mixing and matching pieces of the same color throughout your outfit. This means that if you’re going for blue– you can add baby blue, navy, turquoise, & periwinkle. I opted for a color that most of us already have in our closet — brown. The blazer is a rosy brown, the turtleneck has a sand dust tone, the boots are camel colored, and the bag is a tree bark brown. Similar pieces to recreate this outfit can be found on eBay Fashion — plus, you’ll get more for your money when you shop through the site.

Staying true to your personal style is key when trying out new trends. You don’t want to over do it and feel uncomfortable in your own skin. Ease in to these trends at your own pace, like the pictures above. Yes, I’m wearing monochrome, but hey I would wear this on a regular day date with gal pals — not only on NYFW. This is why I love eBay Fashion, they create a way for you to meet those trendy fashionista needs throughout the year.

Another trend that I have absolutely been adoring lately is a western style knee high boot. (I kept the monochrome black trend here so you could see a different way of applying the previous trend) The western boot has been around for ages and made its way into fashion recently with fabrics like suede, leather, croc, and even velvet. I was not much of a fan at first, but then started seeing low cost designers producing similar styles and decided to take a whack at it. I instantly became enamored!

You can try these style boots with shorts, pants, skirts, and dresses. I recommend trying out knee high regular boots first and once you are comfortable with those, swipe that card and try out the western boot trend. I agree, it’s not for everyone but like my mom always says “Don’t knock it ’till you try it!” eBay Fashion has a wide selection of boots to choose from to get into that western vibe!
Last, but definitely not least — I wanted to share a two trend in one look. If there’s a trend that has been around forever and will probably be around in the next coming decades, it’s a matching pantsuit. I opted for white pant suit because I believe it’s a super flexible option as far as outfit pairings go. You can wear it with prints, bright colors, and different textures like lace. This was one of my favorite looks and for all you working and good looking lady readers — it is such a good impression outfit! You can shop similar outfit pieces to these ones on eBay Fashion here!

I also knew I was in for a rough time with the cold. I mean let’s be honest, California is a little bit spoiled when it comes to the weather. I whipped out some of my biggest (faux) fur babies and noticed it was such a huge trend. I’ve spotted furs everywhere since my first fashion week, however I noticed this season that printed fur coats were prominent. I went for a subtle print, with the colors I usually wear — but I saw zebra, hexagonal, & neon furs. People are really pushing the envelope when it comes to their furs this NYFW season. I stayed true to myself in a classy, not so loud fur, but still on trend and I could notice people’s reaction to it was positive — I believe because I felt comfortable in my own skin putting a personal twist to a trend that worked for me.
This fashion week I wanted to be very transparent with you. I love brand name clothing and I love the new trends that come with every season’s passing. However, eBay Fashion has all the NYFW trends you crave from brands but at much reasonable prices. There’s no need to break the piggy bank when it comes to dressing stylish.

Up until last year I believed most of the items bought on eBay were used. PSA! Not true! In fact, 85% of clothing items on eBay are brand new! Plus, if you are looking to invest in a more expensive item such as a brand name bag– you can shop a gently used one for a much more decent price. I love eBay because they have every price point so that even when trends change, you can still shop for your personal style.

Knowing that there’s such an affordable option for all my viewers to shop from is so amazing because, after all that is what I do for you — I hunt those styles! Let me know if you try any of my favorite NYFW trends for yourself! I’d love to hear your thoughts on which trends you have been eyeing out lately and remember to check out eBay Fashion to find similar and affordable items for those too !

xx Gina


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