Blueground Homes.

Finally back from NYFW and ready to start sharing my moments there… first post of this exciting week is going to be on where I stayed at. Got a lot of questions on this so here it is!

I stayed in the heart of the Financial District with Blueground Homes…Now what is Blueground Homes? It’s a real estate company that offers 1,500+ fully-furnished apartments in the​ most sought places— they have locations from, NewYork, SanFrancisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Boston, Athens, and Istanbul.

-All of their ​apartments are beautifully decorated​ and thoughtfully equipped down to the last detail.-

They offer a hassle-free moving experience. Basically you just move in with your suitcase. In the apartment, you will find all of the necessary amenities. -Note that their minimum stay is 1 month​ and have full customer service support through their app which I will link here …

I honestly had the time of my life there.. it made it seem like I actually live in the city, I saved so much on food because I could actually cook and make myself not only coffee, but smoothies in the morning.

Check out their page here, honestly if you are a big traveler and dont want to spend much money, kind of be local, and experience a more homey vibe, Blueground homes is for you.


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