My biggest fears.

I think we can all relate that we all have that one fear that we don’t get why?? … as you all may know I travel 75% of time time because of work, but something you may not know is how afraid I am of flying and how I always prefer driving.

Since I was a kid I never understood how something can just be up in the air and not fall randomly… and to this day I still don’t get it … I hate heights, anything to do with it, especially high-rises! True story, I’ve been to NYC like 10 times in my life and to this day hate the Empire State and the Top of the Rock, I don’t enjoy it, I feel like I’m going to pass out, I’ve been once, and that was enough for me… Another true story, Dubai I loved it but there was not a chance in whatever condition I was to get me on the Burj Khalifa… No no no… and no haha…

Now you all may be asking yourself, then how does she do it? How does she fly and manage her fears … Well let me tell you it’s not easy… usually 65% of the time before I board I drink one glass on wine to relax myself unless it’s a redeye then I just take a sleeping pill, which really helps!… I also download movies and documentaries that I know will keep me busy and distracted from thinking, or I work on blogposts or emails… It just makes the flight go much faster and for some reason makes me not think I’m up in the air.

It is really strange because if I don’t do good on a flight I get anxiety attacks and need to calm myself in any way and sometimes it’s bad… I make people next to me nervous and transmit that fearful vibe to the people amongst me… I have been really trying to take care of it ever since I started traveling, especially long flights, like the 12 hour ones…. and don’t get me wrong I looooove traveling and visiting new places, I just wish everything was close by and no waters in between 🙂

Maybe a lot of you can relate to my fear and you guys have different ways of coping with it… if you do please , please let me know, would love to try something different that might help me too 🙂


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