I know we all may look ridiculous in big parkas or puffers, but this cold is very rare in this city. Since it’s freezing in San Diego, and by freezing I mean 42 degrees…I decided to do a puffer inspired look since it’s a jacket that I have been wearing probably every day. From 5 am yoga classes to sitting in my bed working on my laptop. 

I decided to pair it up with some skinny jeans, since the puffer is so big and bulky already. I fell sometimes that if you are wearing anything oversized on the top area then try and wear something smaller in the bottom.

I arranged all the colors to look semi metallic, as you can tell the boots are semi shiny and give it a good contrast.

I seriously loving this weather and hopefully it stays like this for a while 🙂

Shop the look here 🙂 I also put some other puffers of my favorite!