Lightweight Blazers

One of my al time favorite style items is a blazer. A blazer to me is a lightweight jacket that works whatever the weather situation may be. To me there is no better marriage than blazers and jeans. I love that a comfortable outfit can instantly switch to chic and put-together by just adding a blazer. They are such a transitional piece that can be used year round and will give you more quality for your buck because you’ll be wearing them non-stop.
A solid colored blazer is one for the ages — I would invest a little more on this one because you’ll keep it in your closet for years to come. I love the white because I can whip out my white heels (which I rarely wear) and add some cute and casual pieces in the middle. It’s an easy outfit that you can probs pick out from the pieces in your closet.
A fun print will always get head turns and compliments. If you’re going to a work related event or a reunion with friends that you want to impress — this is the way to do it. It will create a memorable impression on all those peeps you haven’t seen in a while or are meeting for the first time. This is also a great way to make a first impression on an interview.
The classic pin stipe blazer may be my favorite of all time. It not only reminds me of what I used to wear when I was working in finance loans, but it hits home to when grandpa would come over for Thanksgiving and would sit in the corner sipping scotch and smoking a cigar. It is such an old fashioned piece, but a style that will live on for ages.
You know I love me a pop of color. This piece from Milly was one I snatched up last fashion week, but I have been wearing a looot. The fabric is a little thick which is perfect for chillier days, but still not an outerwear piece that overwhelms the entire outfit such as a puffer or parka. This piece speaks for itself and much like a printed blazer makes an impact on itself.
The non conventional blazer is something for you style gurus. I laid my eyes on this baby back in October and found it to be such a fun piece to wear. It’s a blazer because of the length and the shoulders but could be easily seen as a non conventional jacket as well. From time to time you’ll stumble upon a non conventional piece — in my opinion snatch it up because it will take time for you to come across such a special and unique piece.

xx Gina


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