A Winter Cardigan

When thinking of January, I usually imagine the hustle and bustle of getting those New Year Resolutions met, getting ready for Dia de Reyes (which means dressing up), and coming back to my routine post-xmas parties! However, because I traveled most of December, I had time to get my ducks in a row on vacation and this January was such a seamless transition! I’ve been so relaxed, it even reflects on my outfit choices.
This cardigan from Vici collection is one of my favorites. It keeps me cozy during the colder days, but because the sleeves are wide it gives you the chance to wear something heavier underneath without it looking too bulky. I added on a knit underneath as a semi-warm layer, but the accessories are what complete my outfit!
Oh, Givenchy! If you know me, I rarely splurge on clothing unless it’s shoes or handbags — even then I think twice about what I’m buying and if I’ll get enough use of it. I’ve been eyeing these shoes for the longest time and as soon as I saw them go on sale I hit *add to cart*. But the real MVP here is my hat. I’ve had this hat for around 2-3 years — it’s the one in my picture on my youtube channel which I never changed. I love it so much, although I buy new ones this one just highlights every flattering corner on my face.

I’ll try and create more boho inspired pieces for all of you in the next Instagram posts. For now, make sure to look at the shop links below !

xx Gina


  1. Jenna Aberdeen
    June 30, 2020 / 3:06 pm

    Is this cardigan still available?

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