Same pant, styled two ways

When shopping for clothes, I look forward to all the endless combinations I can make with a certain item. It is one of my favorite things to do when I’m playing around in the dressing room. However, from time to time it gets a little difficult because I love to buy unique pieces that speak for themselves. These are statement pieces that catch my attention in the department store, but at the same time they might be limited combinations I can make with them. Imagine an eye-catching maxi ruffled floral skirt: odd are you are going to pair it with a simple cami or a dainty off shoulder blouse– It’s all a balancing act.

When I came across these pants, I realized that although they were so special my outfit combinations might be a bit limited. Well, I went a little bit out of the box and made an event day look and a casual Sunday through the farmer’s market look with the same pant. Although both outfits have a totally different vibe to them, I paired them almost with the same colors and around the same idea: a white top, a green earring and some heels. This kind of pant needs to be paired with heels because if it isn’t the fabric gets torn and tattered.

I was much more comfortable wearing the first outfit than the second one, but oddly enough I got more compliments on the second one. Thiis goes to show that pushing the envelope does pay off.How do you wear your wide legged high-waisted trousers?

xx Gina


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