My Wideleg Craze

What’s better than a roomie, comfortable, fashionable bottom? …Probably nothing. This summer I’ve been a whipping out all of my favorite printed and colorful, yet flattering widelegged bottoms. This trend is no new friend to the fashion world. We’ve seen them in sequins, rainbow, linen, and all kinds of colors. So today, I’m focusing on those perfect bottoms for summer that will have your legs breathing, moving comfortably, and making a statement all at once

A bold pattern for me is always an easy “yes”. It’s not about choosing the craziest print, but an eyecatching one that works with what you already have in your closet. When I was shopping for the perfect widelegged bottom, I noticed that I was buying a whole outfit rather than just the one piece. This is not what you want to do especially when you want to shop smart. So think about this when you’re the fitting room — pair with similar pueces that you already have in your closet and have no need to buy. If you can’t find one, scroll through your camera roll to see if you can find the perfect match for those pair of pants.

The great part about choosing a bold print, is that it usually pairs well with white, black, gray, navy, and or beige. In every girls’ closet these are the basics that are a definite must. (if you don’t have this I recommend you start here!). It should be relatively easy to pair a fun widelegged print bottom. Notice I usually stick to whites because I like a crisp color pop with a print. However, a solid black or blush toned top would work as well.

If you’re not into the whole printed bottom trend at the moment, try mixing it up with a solid color. Usually solid colors can ease you into trying new prints. I went with the sandy pink wide leg cropped pant and paired with the matching blazer. A wideled like this can too be mixed and matched with your basics and doesn’t look underdressed because of the chicness factor of the bottom.

Mix it up this summer and play with prints, colors, textures, sihuettes and more!


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