Wedding Details.

Ok!! The moment you have been waiting for LET’S TALK WEDDING!      

Soooo sorry it’s a little late but I hadn’t had all the pictures developed, running like crazy since fashion week, and flipping my new home upside down.

Anyways.. changing subject THE WEDDING…. aaaahhh I just remember it and it gives me goosebumps! It came out exactly like I imagined it to be … and even better. Honestly, since there is so much to talk about I will publish 3 blogposts talking about different subjects of the wedding, such as venue, hair and makeup, my amazing wedding planner, and obviously the before and after.

But first things first… Wedding details!  I will talk venue details probably in the next post so I think I will skip the part for now.

A lot of you have been asking me about the wedding dress, the veil, and how I lasted dancing the whole night. Let me tell you my dress was puffy, heavy, and long, so it wasn’t the easiest, but ended up getting the hang of it. Wedding dress was done by Morilee, an amazing bridal designer, which the story of how I chose the dress is pretty funny. An agency from LA contacted me 3 months after being proposed and told me that they work with some bridal designers … asked me if I was interested in seeing some of their client’s work just in case I fell in love with one of them. I told my sister and my mom and they said you don’t loose anything it will be your first stop for wedding shopping and probably not your last so lets go! I ended up sending the agency what I had in mind for what I wanted to wear and they chose 10 wedding gowns similar to what I asked when I got there.

I got there and like an obvious bride I loved all of them but didn’t know if any of them were right for me. Lets just say all these wedding dresses were sample sizes, so they were either super small or barely fit on me… anyways here comes the funny part …. I tried on the FIRST ONE and loved it instantly, it was perfect but it was small, it didn’t zip up completely and it made my back that little bump where it shows kind of like a doubt chin lol… I tired all the other 9 dresses and yes loved most of them but the one that I kept saying yes and couldn’t take my eyes off was the FIRST ONE. So… guess what! I told the girl at the agency I loved the first one I tried on and she said “it’s yours, take it” … I was like what?! really?! Just like that? … She said yes Morilee would love for you to have one of there designs and wear it at your wedding.

At that moment I told myself this dress should better fit me good by then since it didn’t zip up completely… by the last 4 months before the wedding … and not even on a diet, because lets be honest, I just can’t do diets… it zipped up for some reason. Maybe it was the stress or maybe I was just carrying a little weight back then who knows! In the end it fit and no alterations were done to this dress… and yes it was literally the first dress I loved and the last. I wore it with the cutest heels ever as you see here … but ended up changing them to the bridal sneakers that honestly are a life saver! I danced, jumped, and walked for probably 8 hours with those babies and still kept going strong. The veil it was hard to find but in the end so worth it… I got it in London from a small local store (handmade) I saw it and it was mine a moment after.

For some reason I keep on typing and typing but I think it’s good to stop here and keep the rest for the next post.

I will be talking venue and wedding planner next so stay tuned.


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