The Party

The reception at a wedding is the heart and soul of the whole event. It is where the champagne starts flowing, hips start shaking, and basically where you get to party your ass off with all the guests! One of the main ingredients for an enjoyable reception is the music and for that I had the amazing renown wedding DJ, Chris Ruelas. He created the most amazing ambiance with a mixture of Arab songs, Mexican songs, and American Pop. It was such a joy to see cultures coming together in honor of Ahmed and I.

The food at the wedding was a delicious three course meal served by “El Rey Sol” the gourmet kitchen at Casa de los Siete Patios. The first course was a Caprese towered salad with a special dressing and capers. It was savory, and a well-sized first course to open up the guest’s appetite. For the main course there was either choice of fish or Surf & Turf. The surf & turf plate was a prime rib accompanied with shrimp wrapped in bacon with a baked potato side on top of a seasoned portobello mushroom. The fish was served on a french red tomato sauce and accompanied by roasted vegetables freshly picked and a side of mashed potatoes. The desserts were french delicacies from the bakery at El Rey Sol.

Before the whole party started, I was telling Ahmed “you’re going to learn how Mexicans really party”. Much to my surprise, Ahmed’s friends didn’t stop dancing the whole night and were dancing and even singing along to some of my favorite reggaeton songs! The party did not stop until 4:30 am, everyone was in just a happy mood, and the drinks were flowing. Ir was such a special nigh and fun all around — a robot even made it to the wedding! There were fireworks and sparklers as well ! I remember the night and can’t help but get chills all over my body!

This last picture was a moment I will never forget. I am extremely grateful to my parents especially my dad who has stayed by my side throughout my 29 years on this earth and I know he keep holding my hand forever. We danced Elton John’s “Your Song” and because it is a moment that hass always reminded us of each other we decided to keep it that way and make it more of a memorable melody. In this moment I became a little girl again and I will always be fond of it for the rest of my life.

It was just such an emotional roller coaster to be honest. There were bittersweet moments, but everything was just so close to heart and hit home in the best possible ways! I am extremely grateful for everyone who came and made this wedding what it was — could not have been better to be honest!

xx Gina



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    Thanks formyour awesome words! 😎🎧👰🏼 @chrisruelas DJ

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