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It’s been such a process trying to get established into my new home especially with so many work trips and fashion month just about being over. I would come home to a bare house with just about no time to figure out how I wanted to decorate. My friends at Essentials for Living came in to literally save the day, and all I can say is that not all heroes wear capes. Essentials for living is composed of two lines : Star International Furniture & Orient Express Furniture — each line giving its own unique touch to any living space. Star International is more on the contemporary side — think glass, leather and geometric furniture that create a chic and polished look to any room in the house. Orient Express Furniture is the transitional line that has such modern pieces but with a timeless and classic touch that add a warmth and coziness to your interior decoration. Both lines have such an innovative approach to furniture and the staff  thinks ahead having the customer’s need in mind. 

I fell in love with Orient Express Furniture a long time ago, so it was a “no-brainer” for me when thinking which route I wanted to go when decorating my home. Even when I introduced the line to my husband, he was all in on it. My previous apartment had pink and baby blue hues , so you could see why he would be concerned when I decided to take the reigns on decorating this house. When making my selections, I decided to go with the Nixon Extension Dining Table paired along with the Grove Weathered Dining Chairs. What I love about these pieces is that they have a masculinity to them along with some feminine attributes that make for a comfortable and appealing dining room. I added two of the Colleen Dining Chairs to add a fresh eye catching contrast to the set-up.

The combination would not be complete without a sideboard as storage for all my wine, place mats, candles, and seasonal decor. The Ayres Sideboard is was the perfect match for with acacia wood veneer topped with marble veneer. It gives a very elegant twist to the rusticity of the dining room. This was definitely a must-have piece because I have limited space to store all my wedding gifts, plus having the practicality of this piece with such sophistication was a winner for me.

Last but not least, ohh my favorite piece of them all — the Culverdale Counter Stool. This one is such a gem and a conversation piece when speaking interior decor. The rope back detailing is my favorite because it is just so different from anything out there on the market. I chose to go with a platinum finish to play off my floorboard tones, but this look is just absolutely beautiful in any color. The uniqueness of the chair with contrasting textures, in addition to being so comfortable to sit in, was a perfect selection for the lifestyle of my household.

 It’s all coming together and little by little my new house is starting to feel like home. Bruno is definitely enjoying the new additions. For any of you looking to flip, re-decorate, newly decorate, or switch up your interiors, I added clickable options for you to check out the collections at Essentials for Living. I’m so grateful to them for making this stepping stone a little more seamless. Let me know what you think about the collection, any questions you might have, or doubts in the comments section below!

xx Gina


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