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If you ask me the perfect “simple summer outfit” consists of shorts, a nice top, and some fab sunnies. Simple enough right? Well contrary to your belief, there are a lot of people who think creating a simple and classic look is more difficult than an all around statement look. A simple look can easily be acknowledged as a basic look, but there’s ways to outfit simple pieces to make it classic rather than basic.


When thinking simple, you have to dip into the accessory pool. Accessories are what make or break a simple outfit. You can accessorize with out of the box earrings, a set of bangles or even a headscarf worn as a neck tie. Doing this, you create a fashion-forward ensemble that looks effortless. The best part, is that it is! Thinks of all the accessories you’ve bought throughout the years and how you never seem to find what to wear with them. Odds are, a decent pair of shorts and a basic tee will be a perfect match with any of them.

Another point to keep in mind when thinking simple, is to give the hair a little umph. A high pony, a side braid, or even a half bun can create the look that ‘you woke up like this’ but it adds a little something extra to just wearing your hair down or that usual go-to hair style.

I added a few more pictures to this blogpost for you to get some inspo when outfitting. Try and work with the pieces you have and already love. It’s about looking chic, without spending too much or even at all, and it’s definitely possible!

Another tip is to flaunt that footwear ! Choose pops of color, strappy heels, belted, and even metallic shoes. The beauty of a simple look is that you can add on tiny special moments here and there depending on your personal style. It’s all about creating an overall “you” look with all your basics and tweak it.

Topping of my simple & classic summer outfit, I recommend using a signature handbag. A practical handbag that can fit all of your essentials is key, but the great part about being a simple outfit is that you can play around with funky designs and colors.

Show me all your simple end of summer outfits on Instagram by hastagging #Hunt4Styles! I’m sure you’ll be able to wear them all year long !

xx Gina


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