Show-Stopping Sets

If there’s something that I’ve warmed up to this summer it’s matching sets. I’ve always loved and raged about how they look, but I’ve been a bit self conscious about showing my tummy. However, noticing so many gorgeous prints, at such affordable prices, I knew I had to hop on that train asap and check out how I could make them work.

I’ve always been on the bustier side, so if you’re like me I recommend buying separately. If they come together, I recommend sizing up and getting the bottoms tailored (story of my life). When it comes to sets, I look for fun and flattering combos — stripes, bright colors, geometrical shapes and more.

These two sets are very similar in that they are both striped, but the style of them is so different and they can serve different purposes when wearing them out. The yellow set from VICI Collection is great for hitting the town during the day especially on a hot day because of the light fabric, but slip on some heels and you’re ready for a casual night out. The watermelon colored set is perfect for traveling — it takes up almost no space in your suit case and a fun beach outfit !

Sets that include a bottom as a midi or maxi are probably my favorite. Although I do love some leg action, a fancier set is one of my favorite things to wear. It’s different and comes in so many varieties. Picture above for example we have a mixture of lacey and pop of color, a tasseled set by beautiful Miss LA, and a floral floor length deep raspberry set. There’s something for everyone when it comes to sets.


A little accessory to top off an outfit especially staying in the same neutral tones is also a good way to umph up an outfit. It’s never too much when it’s a statement piece in a neutral tone — in this case it almost looks like a monochromatic look.

Last but not least, we have the office set. This is a feminine suit that could either include pants or a nice skirt. I love to dress these down for my day to day life, but I love how these kinds of sets look for a night out. A form fitting pantsuit and some heels will always be my favorite red carpet look of all time, but given I use these on a daily basis, here’s some inspo on how to wear them for daytime fun.

xx Gina


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