Paris, Mon Amour

We’ll always have Paris indeed. Whenever I think of Paris, I get these unrecognizable butterflies in my stomach that makes me want to return. Even as I’m writing this blog post, I reminisce about the energy I feel when walking through the intricate architecture of each building, the whispered tones of the French language, and the sweet smells of French ‘boulangeries’ on each corner. It is all an experience from the moment you step off the plane and claim you baggage at Charles de Gaulle. Backtracking to my high school days, I had always dreamed of going to Paris — taking four years of French I was bound to be swept away by all the luxuries, the opera, and the overall romance of the city. I remember my first time walking up to the Eiffel Tower, I was alone and it was a moment of awe. Those kinds of moments that you will cherish for the rest of your life — tears in my eyes, grinning from ear to ear, thinking “I’m here, after all these years”. Every time I’ve visited after, it takes me back to that vulnerable moment years back, when cash flow was low but the possibilities of where life would take me were endless. Nowadays I think back to that moment and realize how things have definitely changed.

This time around my trip to Paris was a bit short. I did not have all the time to hit up all my favorite places, but I figured I could write which places are the most instagrammable in Paris for all of you travelers wanting to see the most iconic sites in a short amount of time.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is by far Paris’ most emblematic piece — it’s the must of musts in Paris. I recommend taking the subway to Place du Trocadero on the green line where you will be able to see all of Champs de Mars from a slightly elevated angle. It is one of the most beautiful views of the tower with the fountainf in the forefront and the greenery of the gardens in the backdrop. Getting a good shot with the Eiffel Tower can seem almost impossible because of all the people that are in the area, but make sure to take a stroll through the area, there’s bound to be a great spot to take a solid insta-worthy pic.

Champs Élysées

Oh Champs Élysées! I have mixed feelings about this specific area. I love the L’Arc de Triomphe, however Champs Élysées with all the stores and all the chaos is a bit too much for me. If you start your way from the Louvre through the gardens, the walk isn’t such a hassle because in the end you arrive to the arch. However if it’s the other way around, the people, the stores, everything is a little too much — kind of like the Times Square of Paris, but in a much more elegant and antique way. However, the photo opp at the arch is amazing especially if you want to climb the stairs to get a picture of the view from above.

The Louvre

The Louvre is also a can’t miss in Paris. If you’ve never been then you have to go, it is a monumental museum with nooks and crannies everywhere with art from past centuries. The glass pyramid from the outside is very photogenic and appealing for a picture. The places I loved the most when visiting the Louvre were Napoleon’s Apartment and the Venus de Milo (I stared at her for about 15 minutes). It is quite an experience, but I recommend staying away from the crowds and making your own experience out of it. Cafe Marly is on the left hand side of the entrance and you can people watch all day — it’s a little expensive but for a one time visit it’s not that bad.

Le Marais

My favorite French quarter would definitely have to be Le Marais. The culinary experiences here are exquisite, especially because the outside coffee shops are one after another. I had escargots here with a glass of Bordeaux — very Francaise of me ! This quarter is the Jewish area, but it has become one of the most trendy areas with hip restaurants in Paris. It is home to the LGBT community, so be prepared to see rainbow flags everywhere !

Sacre Coeur & Montmartre

I did not make my way to this area on this trip which is why I do not have a picture, but I felt the need to mention it. Montmartre is one of my favorite places to visit in Paris, it is around 20 min from the Louvre on the subway which is not that bad, but the trip is definitely worth it. The renown Sacred Heart church is at the top of the steps and the village surrounding the church is filled with live music, jaw-dropping views, cute local restaurants, and painters making masterpieces on the cobblestorne streets. It is a must visit as well (currently beating myself up for not going ! )

St. Germain-des-Pres

If I could sum up St. Germain-des-Pres in one word it would be luxury. It has the most famous cafes in its area swuch as Les Deux Magots & Cafe de Flore. Walking through these streets you will find yourself passing alongside Balmain, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Chanel, & more. It screams chicness and it is a great place to shoot a fashionable portrait !

The eateries were amazing in Paris, and this specific dining spot is at the Peninsula Paris — a place to unwind and enjoy the views. It is a place I always go to when I visit the area because of the warm welcoming and the finger sandwiches (so good!). It is a luxe hotel with prime location, so if on your next stay you don’t know where to stay, make sure to visit their website!

There’s so many more places the are wonderful in Paris like L’Opera & Pigalle, Les Jardins du Luxemburg, Notre Dame, and Versailles. I did not have time to make my way around these areas this trip, but if you have the time also make sure to pin them down on your Google Map app — you will not be disappointed !

Bisous Bisous !



  1. Gaby
    August 31, 2018 / 5:26 pm

    Lovely 💕 But I thought you were going to include the carousel looking restaurant too. Can you mention the name? Thanks!

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