Wedding Update

I know many of you have been asking me to give you a teaser on what the wedding will be like and how the planning is coming along. Because I’ve been getting constant questions through DM, I decided to share a little bit about the venue, the planning, and the overall ambiance — plus wearing all white kind of got me in the wedding mood already. For those who are clueless about what I am talking about, my wedding is coming up this August!! I can’t believe it is almost here, I really can’t wait for the day  to arrive and share all of those special moments with all of you! 

Let’s start with the venue: it’ll be a beachfront wedding in Mexico’s Ensenada. If you’ve never heard of Ensenada before, now’s the time to plan a vacay! It’s home to Mexico’s wine country and has some of the best views Baja California has to offer. The wedding will take place outside and it will be a nighttime wedding. Although I would have loved a day wedding, the heat would probably have the guests tired and irritated and I wanted my wedding to start on sundown — my favorite part of everyday!

I’ve always wanted a small wedding, but I have a big family and they’re all partiers so they are definitely coming down to celebrate! I knew a 300 -350 person wedding would be a reasonable medium. Many of you ask if Ahmed’s family is coming to the wedding and they are ! They are very excited to visit Mexico and to meet the fam as well. The music will be a bit tricky because there are definitely some traditional Mexican & Egyptian songs that we will want to play — but having fun is what it’s all about!

My dress is amazingly special. When I first saw it, I knew it was the one! But that’s all I’m sharing for now because I want all of you to be surprised the day of just like my guests! I don’t have any bridesmaids! I didn’t know which one’s to pick ( because I love all my friends so much) so I decided to opt for a no bridesmaid wedding.


I wanted to go for a very rustic yet polished look for the wedding. The food tasting went amazingly well and it’s tradition to feed all the late night owls to another meal which I still have to try, but I’m hoping to serve chilaquiles ! Let’s hope they’re good !! My planner is amazing and has some great ideas that I think you’ll all enjoy seeing when they come to life. I used the same planner for my wedding as I did for my shower so you’ll get a sneak peek of her work there — My bridal shower is just a month away and it’s all starting to sink in!

Even though I’ve had a lot of time to prepare, the wedding is only a few months away and the jitters are killing me! Can’t wait to share my happily ever after with all of you !

xx Gina

P.S. For those wondering about my clothing: Top is Zara, shoes are Valentino, pants are Raye the Label and my earring are Baubebar !


  1. Rosie
    April 28, 2018 / 10:31 pm

    Hi there,
    Can you link the trousers? i tried looking but Raye but it is all shoes?
    LOVE the outfit!!
    Rosie x

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