Topping off Spring

I’ve noticed that I’ve been wearing blazers to top off all my looks and thought to myself “why?” since I’m not much of a blazer kind of gal. I came to the realization that a blazer is a light cover-up that is still comfy to wear even on hot days. Plus, even when I do take them off, it’s not a hassle to carry a blazer around as it is to carry around a puffer or a coat. I love a good jacket, but a blazer gives a more polished finish to an outfit. It adds style and a little play on the color combo. I love when the blazer has a matching pant or short, it adds an extra touch. But, a blazer in it of itself is gold in your closet.

It’s the perfect day to night piece and versatile with any bottom. It goes with skirts, shorts, jeans, pants! However, I’ve been using it as a an addition to a very basic look. I like blazers because unlike any other piece in your closet a blazer can be worn two sizes too large and still look appropriate. If you don’t have a blazer, you can borrow one from your mom, dad, even grandma and still pull it off!  Vintage blazers are one of my favorite trends, however I’ve been a little off on my thrift store game, but I promise to keep you guys in the loop on some thrift finds.

xx Gina



  1. April 27, 2018 / 1:26 pm

    Thanks, friend 🙂 one day, perhaps!

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