The Comfy Crop

If you’re a little on the conservative side like me, then you probably only need one hand to count the times you’ve worn a crop top. I don’t like to expose too much skin, but when summer arrives, the layers start peeling off and I’m left with whatever I can handle under the heat. I’ve recently been loving how I can wear high waisted pants and a crop top and skin will only show with a little movement. There’s many ways to style this look, but my faves for summer are fresh and neutral color– my kind of perfect combo. 

This crop specifically is a basic from Zara collection, but you can find these in most stores –Forever 21 and TopShop to name a few. At times, the cropped length is not my fave and I even make my own crop top with a tee I have laying around. It might curl up if you decide to do this so make sure to cut it a little longer than the desired length.

I’ve been raving a little too much about these BB Dakota pants. They are high waisted, cropped, belt-tied, and striped! Plus, they are super breathable and comfy which make them the perfect pair for the heat. If I only I would have known how the fit was two weeks ago, I definitely missed out in the desert. I think what I like most about them though is that they give my shoes a chance to shine as well.


Many of you have been asking about the shoes I’m wearing and although I have been tagging them on Instagram, I’ll highlight them in this post as well. They are ZCD Montreal, shipping out from Canada! They have a fashion forward twist to regular white sneak, and my personal fave !

I’d love to hear what you think and how you wear your cropped pieces !

xx Gina


  1. April 27, 2018 / 9:13 pm

    I like this outfit ! Very summery !
    I liked crop top when i was like 25-26 yo, i am now on my way to turn 31 and i wouldn’t wear crop top anymore unless i wear a high waisted pants, jeans or skirt/shorts 🙂

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