Boardwalk Beach Days

Lately I’ve been so in love with the San Diego weather, I’ve been hitting the beach almost daily. I’ve even discovered some new tanning areas around Pacific Beach where the crowds are nowhere to be found. If you’ve never been to the SD area, I’d look into booking a flight because the city has definitely been showing off. This post is about my outfit, but I do want to share a bit about my city. I check my stats regularly and many of my followers are from Mexico, London, Paris, New York, etc. So I want all of you to get a taste of Cali while reading this post.

Knowing that the weather is as bipolar as it has been, it gets a little complicated when picking out an outfit. My go-to for these days is a pair of shorts, a cute top and an oversized winter sweater just in case the afternoons get a little bit chilly. It’s not actually paired with the outfit, but you get the gist– those winter favorites used to sneak up by the fire. Well, same, just this time inching towards the beach bonfire instead. I like to leave it all up to the hair accessories when I go to the beach, it adds a little flirtation to an outfit. In any case if it doesn’t work out, you can always take them off — I usually do this with earrings, scarves etc. by the end of my days.

Posts like this make me feel like it’s already Summer when it’s barely even Spring. San Diego has the most amazing weather, plus it has endless activities that can fill up your whole summer: paddle boarding, jet skis, the harbor cruise, paragliding, golfing, beaches, and I could go on. Plus, it is a border town to Mexico’s Tijuana which is growing incredulously ! The gastronomic scene, breweries, distilleries are literally driving people south of the border to consume their innovative dishes and drinks! Even if you just stay in the SD area, the food here is amazing as well and there’s rooftop views with amazing scenery almost in every part of town. Can you tell I love my city just a little? Sending all my love!

xx Gina


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