A Little Leather

I know, I know. Most of you are probably thinking, “leather? For Spring?”  Well, yeah. I know it’s not common to be wearing dark colors let alone a leather skirt these days, but I absolutely fell in love with this studded Joe’s skirt. Plus, I wear dark colors all year round so I decided to give it a go! I love a nice form fitting skirt that doesn’t say I’m headed for a night out to the club. This was that skirt for me! I know a lot of you try and stick to those fashion rules – no mixing black and brown, don’t mix patterns, only wear one item with a pop of color, or don’t wear leather in Spring! But I think all of you should at least try and make it work!

I paired my leather skirt with white slip-ons (that I have been wearing way too often!) and a striped tee to lessen the formality of the outfit. In it of itself, the skirt says night out on the town, especially if you are in the department store buying it. But always try and look at a piece and imagine and outfit that would not be so obvious. This is what I do when pairing outfits– tip: if you see it working in your head it will probably work on you because you already know your body so well !

I’d love to hear what you all think of breaking fashion rules and making them your own. Do you think there’s a reason why they’re rules? Or that they’re made to be broken? Leave your feedback below !

xx Gina


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