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Pip- pip cheerio! Today I’m writing to you from overseas, specifically London. Globe-trotting has its definite perks, but sometimes frequent flights, changes in climate, saltwater, and sun exposure take my hair routine for a loop. It can be frustrating when I am in a beautiful city, excited for snapping some pics, and my hair isn’t cooperating.

This week I’m faced with uncommon weather patterns which means three common hair problems: flat hair, breakage, and dullness. That’s why I’m sharing a few primping tips to make your life easier when you travel. Lucky for me, I’ve become quite familiar with the Bio:Renew collection by Herbal Essences which have saved my hair!

Let’s start with a little background info on the collection. Bio:Renew is 90% natually derived. This means that it uses ingredients from Mother Nature to create a product that brings life to your hair. This collection is the bliss point where science meets nature. Bio:Renew protects hair from the inside out trapping and removing toxins that cause everyday damage — or in my case unexpected damage from traveling. What’s not to love?

Bio:Renew has become a lifesaver when travelling because the struggle is definitely real when hair is uncontrollable. This is not my first rodeo travelling and trying to maintain my locks in check. I recently noticed that I have been using a lot of hats which make my hair much flat. I mean who wants flat hair? Not me! I definitely want my hair to have a little personality!

To achieve that, I love using the Herbal Essences White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint . It’s one of my favorite fragrances that not only smells amazing, but helps add volume to my hair when it feels a little on the flatter side. It definitely adds a lightness and breezy feel still giving body to my hair.

Plus, Herbal just recently added a foam conditioner ro this line which has had my back these past few days. It’s a lightweight conditioner that nourishes stands, while adding volume…Basically a dollop is all you need  in the shower  and you can apply it from root to tip for volume all day. Let your hair absorb all those natural ingredients. The citrusy ambiance all around will have you going ga-ga!

If you are travelling to harsh weather areas and are dealing with extremely dry hair I recommend the Coconut Milk collection. It is the ultimate hydrating hair product and will help strengthen your hair to become less prone to splitting and breakage. It has a coconut and vanilla scent that makes you want to lay on a private beach watching the sunset .

Herbal Essences are my go-to shampoos and conditioners of the moment (and the past year to be honest). Herbal Essences created a more natural collection of hair care products that has put life back into my hair. There is a product for everything! Whether you are travelling to a sunny and salty destination or a cold front, make sure to plan ahead with your hair in mind. You never want to let your hair get in the way of making memories so make your life easier by taking Herbal on the go!




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    you have a beautiful blog! hope you are enjoying sunny london!xx

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