5 Ways to Polish Your Look

Having a polished look is one of the key elements to having an outfit work. There are different kinds of details and additions to any outfit that can make it go from blah to bam!  Let’s be honest, sometimes there’s either not enough time to have that every day put together look, your budget might be a little too tight and shopping might be out of the question, or you just need the how to use on how-to’s to achieve the look.

Some of these might be easy for all you fashion risk takers, but for all those who don’t know how to achieve that wow-look when looking in the mirror and thinking this is an OK look — here’s five ways you can get a polish look from any casual outfit.

One — a sexy heel to add a splash of sensuality to a look. Yup, we all have them, that heel you buy because you of how your leg looks longer or how the pump compliments your height.  Throw it on to a sweater dress like me, or wear a pair of leather leggings with them. Play with your closet pieces.

Two— add on a blazer. I love a good statement blazer, but any blazer will add an umph to your cas and comfy outfit. Take me for instance, wearing jeans and a white tee, but with a blazer I add a spin to the look making it much more eye catching.

Three— a little hat action never killed nobody! Pop on a topper and accessorize away. It shapes your face and shows a stylish side of you. Plus there’s so many hat options out there that you can play woth your personality as well!

Four— sprinkle a little color! Whether it’s shoes, lipstick, accessories, a bag, or even nail polish, don’t be afraid of a little color. It shows you know how to play with your outfits!

Five— wear your stripes! When in doubt, stripes are always a good idea! They give a chic parisian twist to any outfit to achieve a more polished look!

Hope you Like to my tips! Let me know if you would like for me to post anything similar to this in the near future!

xx Gina