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Smart, sophisticated, and stylish are the three words that best sum up my Kronaby wristwatch. I realized as soon as I opened the packaging that I was already in love with my new watch — who doesn’t love a little rose gold. I was already thinking of outfits to pair this beauty with, when I began to read the “manual” on it and I realized it has many more functions than just accessorizing. Usually when I think of a smart watch, I think bulky and lacking femininity. However, this smart watch definitely put a stop to that stereotype– I mean it is stuh-nning. I hopped on their online page and had an instant connection with their marketing tag line: Connected not Distracted.

I think we can all agree that we spend way too much time on out smartphones. It is no news that people say that technology brings you closer from those who are away but push you away from those who are close to you. However, the Kronaby watch is a tool to help receive those notifications, but not be glued to that smartphone so you still feel connected to the tech word but not distracted from everyday’s life adventures.

Some of the functions of this watch apart from telling time of course, include counting steps, being aware of the time in other zones, and setting a timer to make sure those jam packed gym routines are accomplished to a tee. I’m a gal that’s always on the go, and although I would love to exercise everyday, sometimes that is nearly impossible. With the watch I can monitor the steps that I take on a daily basis to balance my diet accordingly. Another gem is the time zone feature: especially when you have clients or potential business colleagues cross country or over seas. It has definitely made my life easier.

I literally am fascinated when speaking of this watch especially because it allows you to feel connected in whichever way feels most comfortable for you. For example, messages are something that I usually pay little attention to, however when it comes to e-mails, I try to answer as quick as possible. I can personalize notifications to my wrist and I sense a small vibration that would let me know I had just received an e-mail. This way, I would answer e-mails more promptly — win win!

I’ve edited some of my features in order to control the functions of my watch: music, take me home, find phone feature, and camera. Not only can I drop pins on locations I want to revisit, but my time zone updates automatically making travelling much more seamless ! Being the travel junkie that I am, I trust this watch as a work tool rather but in the most fashionable way. Plus, if I ever lose track of my watch, I can access its exact location through the app to retrieve it !

This could be a loving gift this Valentine’s Day  — for a special someone or gift it to yourself!  Use the code ‘HuntforStyles’ this February to get 10% off your purchase, but make sure to hurry because offer ends February 15th. Spread that love !

Shop the exact watch I’m wearing here !

xx Gina

xx Gina

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