Top Jackets

I wanted to share a super cute trend that has been going on for quite sometime: friendly reminder tops. I love a plain white tee that I can wear endlessly with any outfits, but if there’s something that puts a twist to the ordinary tee it’s stitching. especially when it has some positive reinforcements to take on the day. It adds a touch of personality to any outfit, and recently I’ve seen jackets, pants, even stitching on shoes that have good vibe messages.

  1. The ONE Teaspoon studded jacket: a friendly reminder to keep looking forward. What I love most about this jacket is that it’s stylish and perfect for any season. It gives the people walking behind me a friendly message to take with them throughout the day.

2. Love: The lilac love sweatshirt perfect for the rainy days we’v been having. Love is such an underrated word. We use it, but most times do we actually mean it? This sweatshirt reminds me to spread it, mean it, share it, and smother my loved ones with it.

3. The One Teaspoon white button down: perfect for the office with a funky twist — flared sleeves and a striking black stitch at the corner. Feel good vibes all day ’round with this one. It’s super comfy, looks professional, but adds a hint of charisma to your outfit.


4: The white tee with graphic lettering: so fitting for those casual Fridays, when all you want to sport is a comfy tee and some pair of jeans. Still adds a individuality to any outfit, but maintains that relaxed look. You can find these at almost any department store, boutique, or even at your local F21.

5. Denim patches: The blue jeans patches to make you own out of you favorite jacket. It adds individuality and personality to all your denim faves. Nowadays, brand stores sell the patches separately to make a design that speaks to you !

Uniqueness in fashion is a must, it sets you apart from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to stand out, and look amazing doing it !



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