Time for Turtlenecks

Everyone needs a cozy turtle neck among all their other go-to basics and the weather is certainly calling for us to pull them out and take them for a spin. I have mixed feelings with turtlenecks: on one hand I love the slick look, but on the other hand sometimes I feel styling a turtleneck is a bit difficult.

The turtleneck is a prominent trend around the colder days throughout the year. With so many up and coming trends, sizes, fits, and kinds of necks, it is no surprise that people may feel like they’re solving a puzzle with no idea where to start! What I look for when choosing a turtleneck are uniqueness and practicality. Pictured above, I am wearing a jacket with a high neck: a mishmash of practicality and style. It definitely keeps me warm, but keeps me looking mod and trendy at the same time.

The oversized sweater turtleneck is all about coziness. I love having those items that when you pull out of the closet, you know you’re going to be snug and warm all day: wishing to head home and cozy on up by the fireplace. I love wearing these with up-dos because it showcases the neck more, plays on the relaxed look, and I can wear a nice earring that will stand out against the sweater.


I love the classic turtle neck. The one’s we see Monica and Rachel wearing all the time on the hit series Friends? Yep, that one. It is a tight-fitting, slim necked layering piece. It is perfect to wear underneath a hefty coat and great for warmth.  


The cowl neck is also a trend that is rugged but remarkable. The big and long exaggerated neck  gives that feeling of wearing a scarf without the hassle of actually wearing one. Cowl necks are usually for warmth, but definitely give off a brushed up casual look.

I hope I helped you solve some of your turtleneck troubles. Sending all my warm love to those chillier areas throughout the world.

xx Gina



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