Keeping me Cozy

I’m back post-holiday season writing to you another sweater weather gem. I love a good cozy sweater, but recently I’ve found myself buying pieces that will transition to spring and summer. Those light and comfy knits that you can wear year round, even as a layering piece when the weather starts to drop again. What I look for when buying that perfect season transitional sweater are length, details, fabric, and most importantly price point.

Length is something that I believe to be of great importance because it is what suits each body best. Personally, I have a slimmer bottom half than top half. I love mid length or cropped sweaters to show off my smaller hips in proportion to my top half. It’s always good to know what works best for your body type. Usually, if you have are pear shaped, a long cardigan or a peplum sweater shapes you better. If you have an athletic build, look for that mid length sweater that is a bit oversized.


The little details are what makes clothing pieces special. I love a good pearly, embroidered, ruffly, or thick-stitched sweater. These details add something special which instantly make them pop when choosing what to wear in your closet. Isn’t it such a good feeling to get those compliments, “I love your sweater ! Where did you get it ?”

Making sure you know hoe to take care of your fabrics is essential when buying a sweater. Before my laundry doing days, I had mom wash my clothes. When I got to the real world, I literally shrunk every sweater that I would invest in because I never knew how to take care of wool, cashmere, or cotton. I didn’t know the difference! So a little tip, make sure to read the tag, and make sure to wash your sweaters accordingly.

Lastly, a good price point. There are brands that sell that high-end look alike sweater for less. Other brands that sell sweaters with really intricate stitching and high quality fabrics at reasonable prices. I love shopping sale. You get more for your money and at some point in time, it is something someone paid full price for.

Love sharing my tips !




  1. Taylor
    January 25, 2018 / 4:58 pm

    Where did you get the top white sweater with lips?

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