New Hair. For now…

Yup! I did it! And I love it! I hadn’t had the courage to do something different with my hair for the longest time and finally it happened. For all of you girls who think it’s too much don’t worry my hair tends to grow fast, plus I did the bangs a little longer just in case I ended up regreting it, which I didn’t!

Why the change you might ask? Well … I think this look goes perfect with winter style and Cali right now is barely getting on it’s colder days. I feel like this style would go perfect with chunky sweaters and turtle necks with cute accessories. Also my hair was getting to the point where the bleach was cutting my ends so much it was getting shorter without me cutting it.  I’ve always been the type that thinks hair grows and if you want to try something different go for it! Yes!




  1. January 27, 2018 / 6:27 pm

    Your bag is FAB!!

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