Holiday Showstoppers

I love the holiday season, mostly because I love a good over-sized sweater and some comfy socks to lay by the fire. Don’t get me wrong. I wear that all year round .. guilty ! But December is the perfect excuse to do it more often than not. However, this year I drifted away from my usual winter style because the weather has been very bipolar; this Holiday season, I mixed up my approach and fell in love with some new trends that I think will carry on into the next year.

 Who would have thought that cigarette pants would be so flattering? I usually wear jeans, but I found the perfect pair of holiday worthy trousers. They come in many colors, but I wanted to keep it festive and opted for the sparkly ones. The trend has been going on for some time, but I finally gave in and I legit love these pants. Plus, you’ll never guess where I got them from.. Loft !

Shaggy with a hint of chic, please ! Pastels are one of my favorite color palettes, so finding this shaggy coat in a powder blue was just me hitting the fashion jackpot. The coat is from my dolls at Vici Collection, and they have it in a blush pink also. I debated on whether or not to add it to my shopping cart, but thinking back on it, I might do some online shopping after posting this blog post. Statement worthy piece !

Metallic deets are one of my favorite plays when it comes to accessorizing. This Blank NYC jacket has been with me for about two years and I still mix and match every season with it. We have to be very careful with metallics because we don’t want to overpower the outfit too much. Finding that balance of style and taking risks without going to far is one of the challenges with this trend. Here I went for a rocker slash feminine look, but it can be done so many ways. 

Baker hats and fanny packs are also one of my favorite holiday looks of the moment. You’ve seen the baker hat flooding most of your Instagram feed. It is one of 2017’s most prominent trends. I’ve been a victim of the trend myself, but also caught on to the fanny pack boat quite late. This holiday season, however, I found myself pairing these two accessories for that double staple outfit. 

My standout shoes of the moment are my Chloe & Gucci booties. These were an investment in my wardrobe, but I have found that Vince Camuto, Sam Edelman, and Steve Madden have similar styles to wrap up that whole look. If you’re looking to make an investment in a shoe, try going for a neutral color because you’ll probably be wearing them over the years: my Chloe booties for example.

Last but not least, toppers. I love a good hat, but finding the right one can be a hassle. I love my brown hat and I’ve worn it ever since fashion week. I keep finding outfits to pair this baby with. I think hats compliment every face shape, but you have to be careful when it comes to size. If you have a smaller face, wearing a bigger hat might make your face look even smaller.

Let me know what you think of these tips !

Happy Holidays !