My Weaknesses.

Today I will be talking about my weaknesses … YES I have so many, starting with food, especially sweets! Since I was 8 months old my mom introduced me to McDonalds Chocolate Milkshake. My mom to this day says it was a mistake to give me that little sip … since then I would go crazy if they would take that shake away from me and yes I would finish it all, till the last drop. I’ve always loved chocolate, but my strongest food weakness is the bread! Oh yes, don’t take me to Cheesecake Factory because I will gain 2 pounds that day just of pure bread (the brown one is the best, right?!) …

Anyways moving on to other weaknesses haha, I’m a crybaby I have a weakness for sad songs, sad movies, and anything emotional itself. I think I would be great as an actress for a sad movie … I can remember something sad or emotional and I get teary eye. Hopefully I cry as much before my wedding if not the photos that day won’t be that pretty haha.

Also I’m a horrible liar, I think most people that know me can say yes to that. Every time I try to lie I always end up saying stupid things that make me always say the truth, I get all nervous and pause a lot… Not good sometimes!!

I could keep going like I have a weakness like, I don’t take criticism well, I procrastinate, I’m shy, etc etc etc…

Anyways hope some of you can relate to me in some sort of way if not what’s your weakness?