Fall Inspiration.

I bet most of you locals must be wondering… What is she thinking wearing fuzzy clothes in this hot weather?!! Honestly I have been soooo looking forward for Fall that I couldn’t resist wearing some cozy clothes. To my defense I wore this outfit around 7pm, almost time for sunset so it was starting to get a little chilly.

When it comes to jackets like this I like to wear either buns or high pony tails to show off the details of the jacket even more, also I think I look chubbier when I keep my hair down in these types of big outerwear ( just an observation I see in myself hehe)… and yes these jeans I’ve had them forever maybe since I started my blog and love them ! You know when you wear a pair of jeans so many times that now they fit so soft and like a glove? YUP those are my pair.


  1. December 1, 2018 / 10:18 am

    So Nice !! Thank you For Sharing This Awesome Post 🙂 And Your are looking So nice in this Post 🙂