Wedding Hustlin.

So I’ve been currently super busy running around like a headless chicken, but so exited to be planning one of the most important days of my life. A lot of you guys have been asking me about my current status or how is the wedding planing going so I decided to do a mini update post about it.

  1. I got the dress, which I fell in love with and can’t wait to share it with you guys.
  2. I got the date and the venue, which will be in an amazing house that I will feel like I am in a dream.
  3. The music! so important and got one of the best in town!!
  4. The food  … so important too! Since the wedding will be in Mexico one knows that the food will be amazing no matter what 🙂
  5. The theme… I love romantic weddings so be prepared to see lots of candles and flowers hanging everywhere.
  6. The bachelorette party-ies (so important right?!) I think I will have 2 or 3 (sorry Ahmed haha) have lots of friends from all parts of the world and want to share this special moment with all of them.
  7. Lots of Latin music but a lot of Habibi songs too (Really need to learn how to dance them)!!
  8. Photographer check! Still working on where the engagement photos will be, but one thing I can tell you it won’t be in a destination even thinkable.
  9. My fiance, Ahmed… So supportive on everything and super excited as well, couldn’t of found a better half for me (Lucky girl!)
  10. Last but not least, I got a super exciting campaign coming up that I can’t say much right now but  gots to do with pretty jewels by one of my favorite designers.

I have still so much planning to do but my wedding planner keeps me sane haha it will be a very romantic yet traditional theme but with a little twist! Can’t wait to share that special day!!


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