That Frenchie Look.

Currently on the hunt of these franchise hats that I see on all my explore feed. Aren’t they super cute!!?? I fell in love once I bought mine… I was looking for one like crazy and found one in a vintage store near Hillcrest. It was one of those days when I went to sell some of my Summer cleaning and I ended up buying cute hats and accessories as well.

I am in the hunt of buying a brown one and a red one as well … don’t know if I would look too ridiculous and feeling too Parisian but love the idea of wearing different things and looking versatile.

I bet most of you think I love them but don’t know if it would look good on me, but oh believe me they will! I always have a problem buying hats because I have a huge round head haha but these manage to fit me perfectly!

What do you guys think?