Flow session.

Never thought that I would be actually wearing oversized pants… I tend to always wear oversized tops and skinny jeans since my complexion isn’t the best in the upper area… I guess we all have insecurities at a certain point in time but one I have always had was showing off my body… never been a fan of tight tops and the body con dresses. Don’t get me wrong, I love how they look on women and I applaud them because they are more confident in that way… Me, since I was young I always tended to slouch and hide my upper area (never liked it and always wished I was flat).

This always got me thinking, people will never be fully satisfied with their complexion, or their hair, or their skin… One thing I learned is to work with it! I found myself more confident using oversized tops with skinny jeans or short shorts since I love that casual look and makes me feel more comfortable. I always told myself no surgeries until I really need one. I will work with what God gave me and embrace it in any way I need to as long as I am happy.

Sometimes people ask me why do you wear L tops when you are a size S or M (or at least you look like it) it’s not the matter of what size I am, more the fact of what makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. I like being extra loose with tops and I guess skinny and sometimes showing off the legs in the bottom part (seems odd but I guess it makes me more of a Cali girl).

In other words I always tell my friends don’t wear something just because of pressure, wear something because it makes you YOU.