Date Night.

Everybody loves a good date night right??. Personally even though I’ve had the opportunity of traveling to some amazing places I always end up loving date nights even more in my home town, San Diego.

Ahmed (my fiance ) and I have been currently super busy so anytime we have a chance to sip on a good bottle of wine and a piece of steak is like HALLELUJAH! I recently wore these amazing pants by Chris Gramer and fit perfectly! If you are a size 26 in jeans and want to buy these pants go for a size 2 (they run a little big but fit amazing!!)

I guess black and white one can never go wrong especially on a night where you will just walk in, cross the leg, show of the heels, and smell extra good right?. Is it just me or is that what date nights look now a days?


Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂 you can shop the look here .


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